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Read, Connect, Act

What now? Friends are asking in the wake of the presidential election shocker last week. What we can offer to those questioning how we got here, is more of what we so believe in: the power of books to inform and inspire. The power of community to support and strengthen the insights gained. And action, a plan for creative sustaining ways forward, to apply what we’ve gained through reading, reflection, conversation.

To that end, Canio’s Cultural Cafe will again offer a series of community discussion courses focusing on environmental issues. This winter we’ll present inspiring, engaging material to read, discuss & act upon focused on environmental activism, living simply, sustainable energy, and more. Join us for an upcoming course. Now more than ever the planet requires your participation. Find out more by contacting the shop.

We’re grateful to organizations like Northwest Earth Institute for creating and promoting these courses, and to Orion Magazine for providing inspiring articles to engage the imagination, the heart and mind in our understanding of our responsibilities toward Earth.


Keep It Simple

Stacks of books and boxes, piles of paper, catalogs, bills surround us. Call it clutter, or call it cozy lived-in. We’ve got lots of “stuff” here at the bookshop, most of it important, but some of it could go.  So we’re eager to start another community discussion course  this month called Voluntary Simplicity. We’ll address not just physical clutter, but personal as well as environmental clutter.

Call it ironic that here in the fabulous Hamptons a sandbar of conspicuous consumption, a small group of folks will gather to discuss how to get more out of life with less.

In 1981 Duane Elgin’s book, Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich  announced the movement.  Reissued in 2010, Voluntary Simplicity has become even more relevant, mainstream rather than marginal,  more urgent. According to Elgin, voluntary simplicity helps create community through a common purpose; protects plants and animals from extinction;  promotes self-discovery and well-being among humans, all the while promoting a balanced use of Earth’s precious resources. In fact, voluntary simplicity is crucial to a sustainable future.

Voluntary Simplicity, a five-week course designed by the Northwest Earth Institute, begins at Canio’s Tuesday, January 29. We’ll read intriguing articles, discuss our experiences, as we become more aware of how we’re spending our precious time, our limited resources. We’ll discover how these choices affect our health, our relationships, and Earth.

Pre-registration is required along with a $30. materials fee. Space is limited; contact us soon! The program is sponsored by Canio’s Cultural Cafe.

Connecting with Earth and each other

We’re about mid-way through a  fascinating and challenging course “Reconnecting with Earth.” Nine of us meet weekly to discuss readings and to speak from experience about how we view our relationship with Earth. Writers like Rachel Carson, Aldo Leopold, Thomas Berry and Kathleen Dean Moore bring us their insights expressed in lyrical language. Physicist Fritjof Capra and Jeanette Armstrng, member of the Okanagan nation, among others help us understand and contemplate our inter-related nature. Our lively group consists of a photographer, two farmers, a Buddhist poet, an eco-feminist Catholic writer, and more —  all of us curious and open and eager to explore  how we live on Earth, “our island home.” The course is one of eleven  offered by the Northwest Earth Institute (see These community-based courses are so well designed and the readings so good, we have plans to offer more.  The courses are a great way to engage the mind, body and spirit. They also help promote community and action. We’ll be having a “celebration” gathering after our last session. We plan to offer another course, “Voluntary Simplicity” later this year. But anyone can  organize a course in their neighborhood, workplace, faith place or community center.  It’s one wonderful way to help promote awareness of the living world of which we are a part.

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