Kathryn Szoka Photography Workshops

Kathryn teaches a variety of workshops throughout the year at Canio’s. Footsteps of the Masters examines great photographers’ work, and uses their work as inspiration for improving our own craft and technique.  The ACT of Seeing focuses on improving our perception of the world and the infinity of compositions available within it.  Other workshops include Get Out & Shoot, A Winter’s Meditation, and more.

Kathryn also teaches at THE ART BARGE in Napeague in the summer.  Call the Barge for information; watch here for more details.  Kathryn’s workshops and courses strive to improve your photography both technically and creatively, emphasizing Visual Harmony.  She is a professional photographer best known for her Vanishing Landscapes (c) series, and has taught photography for many years. Take a look at One Eye Open Photography Studio.

Visual Harmony ™: When all the elements of a photograph, on the surface and beneath, combine to create a great photograph; one worth looking at more than a few moments. This requires both excellent composition and a deeper meaning below the surface. The multi-dimensional elements, though possibly disparate, harmonize in the final composition.

BHHS in snow

Winter in Bridgehampton


Courting Doves at my back door

Night Blooming Cereus


Life Along the Turnpike:  Bridgehampton Today

Jada Pinckney at Child Care & Rec Center

Jada Pinckney at BH Child Care and Recreational Center

Summer’s Conversation


Margaret Hopson and her son, Wayne


Galban Sagaponack

Galban Barns, Sagaponack


Winter, 2009

December in Sagaponack


First winter snow


from the archive!  November 2008




The Bridgehampton Historical Society exhibition of my VANISHING LANDSCAPES (c) series has ended its run.   The photographs in the exhibition were taken over a 20 year period in the greater Bridgehampton area.  The exhibition was well attended and it was great to have my name in big print on a banner right out on Main Street, Montauk Highway Bridgehampton.  Thanks to all who stopped in and enjoyed the exhibition.  You can see selections from the series at Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor.


Crooked Knee: A Father’s Dementia

A Photographic Essay

Father & daughter

Father & daughter

My Crooked Knee photographic essay was on exhibit in Canio’s Gallery back in 2008. The photographs are of my father and family in the last year of his life with dementia. As a photographer I created this personal, expressionistic essay, and seek to publicly exhibit it, in order to lift the veil on the hidden but universal experience of the death of a loved one.

During the exhibition, the shop hosted the event, The Art of Caregiving: Artists and Photographers Illuminate Caregiving. Maryann read excerpts from two books: An Uncertain Inheritance, an anthology edited by Nell Casey, and The Florist’s Daughter by Patricia Hampl. Both terrific books. I spoke about using the craft of photography to shape the experience — the good & the bad — hopefully offering insight and a little redemption to others who have or will take a similar journey.

The discussion revolved around artists’ response to experiencing the sickness and death of a loved one. A packed audience listened and responded, exhibiting a strong interest in a more open dialogue about death in our culture.

I am interested in exhibiting Crooked Knee in other public spaces; and welcome ideas or inquiries. I will write more on the essay in the future.

— Kathryn Szoka

Playing bingo with grandsons

Bingo with grandsons

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  1. 1 Robert csere June 15, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    Hi this is your cousin robert csere from tampa hope all is well with you it was nice to see a picture of your dad my uncle Charlie above! Take it easy!

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