40 Years of Canio’s in Sag Harbor!!

Where did the time go? October 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Canio’s Books in continuous business at 290 Main Street, Sag Harbor. What an extraordinary joy it’s been to provide our exceptionally creative and caring community with good books and interesting events all these many years. Come to our ZOOM party on Thurs. Nov. 19 when we’ll hear from special guests: founding owner Canio Pavone; New Yorker Comma Queen Mary Norris; ecologist/writer Carl Safina, and more. (Register at Zoom link on our Calendar of Events. )

To celebrate, we’re collecting & sharing stories.  Your stories. Your favorite “Canio’s Moment.” We want to celebrate how Canio’s Books has been a literary gathering place for all in Sag Harbor. 

Tell us about a book you discovered, maybe one that changed your life. Tell us about an author you met at one of our events, a writer you long admired. Tell us about what it was like for you to read your own work at the bookshop. Tell us about a hidden gem you discovered while browsing. Tell us about a friendship that started in the stacks. Tell us what the bookshop means to you now. Especially now, in this year of unprecedented challenges. Let’s remember together some of the joys you’ve experienced at Canio’s Books. 

Have FUN with it! . Send us your video clip or written piece (details below).   

Thank you for helping us celeberate! We’re so grateful for our supportive community. You’ve helped the bookshop thrive through these four decades. We look forward to more stories being created each & every day we open our doors.

with gratitude & thanks,

Maryann & Kathryn

Submission Guidelines

WRITTEN: Submit your story (prose or poetry welcome!) by email to caniosbooks@verizon.net  Subject: Celebration Story . Please send prose in 12 pt. type, double-spaced. Maximum ten pages. And one concise paragraph is just perfect!


  • Production: It doesn’t have to be high art; it’s content that counts! Be sure the audio quality is clear and we can see your face. Facial expressions are key; be sure you’re close to your camera. Shoot during daylight to make lighting easier.
  • Landscape mode: Please shoot video in landscape mode otherwise, your face will be small and most of the screen will be dark. If you shoot from your phone, be sure to turn it lengthwise!
  • Keep it short: 30sec-2min is ideal; but if you’ve got a really good story to tell, longer is fine!
  • Uploading:  When your video is done, send it via WeTransfer.com to caniosculturalcafe@gmail.com.  

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Canio’s Books is located at 290 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963, 631.725.4926. Call or email us, caniosbooks@verizon.net. While we love you to SEE you, you can also order new titles at our online storefront or some of our second hand inventory HERE. Thanks for visiting!

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