Quit smoking this New Year & read Bukowski!

Sometimes books and smoking just seem intertwinted. Take Bukowski’s opus for example. Please! Thanks to a recent acquisition, we have a suitably reeking collection of Bukowski titles from a chain-smokingly loyal reader. From You Get So Alone, to The Last Night of the Earth Poems, to What Matters Most Is How You Walk Through Fire and more. To read these books is to inhale enough secondary smoke to satisfy even the most needy cravings. While supplies last! So if you’ve determined to give up nicotine this New Year, you can still get a quick fix and enjoy the best of Bukowski from the collection of a bona fide night-shift cab-driving Bukowski fan. Who else? Call now for price and availabilty.

1 Response to “Quit smoking this New Year & read Bukowski!”

  1. 1 Richard August 31, 2014 at 11:29 am

    I have never read Bukowski before. Will definitely follow your advice!

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