A bookish birthday

Not everyone has escaped to Mexico or the Caribbean this winter. Last week a woman from up island, way up, headed east on a sunny bright day for a long leisurely drive to Canio’s Books. She had the day off– unexpectedly. It was her birthday, as well as George Washington’s. The bookshop, some 80-odd miles from home, was her destination, the poetry wall in particular. After a long browse, she selected some fine birthday books. She’d met in the shop a surfer/poet/emergency room doctor who prescribed a few titles. And she chatted with the proprietor, and lamented the demise of the bookshops, large and small. She’d been in one of the big chains recently, in Manhattan. It looked empty, she said. The vacuous space once filled with pyramids of books now was stacked with electronic devices. The open space loomed. This woman knew from bookshops. She’d worked at one of the finest in Boston years back. As the woman headed on her way to lunch, and into another year of reading poetry, it gave us an idea: why not celebrate your birthday at Canio’s? Invite a few friends; we’ll supply tea and cupcakes, or more. Stage a celebratory reading of works by your favorite author. As Canio’s Books celebrates its 30th anniversary, we’d love to help you celebrate yours, whatever the decade, or occasion. Happy Birthday to all our well read customers! Here’s to many more.

3 Responses to “A bookish birthday”

  1. 2 msbaroque March 22, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Hi there – I wish I could! Sounds perfect, and my birthday’s even coming up. Nothing but the air fare and length of the trip will stop me. But I hope someone does.

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